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Riding the Rainbow Wave

Hope on the Horizon :)

The entire LGBT community has something to be thankful for this year -- more openly LGBT candidates were elected this year than an any other US election. What does this mean for the future? Well, you know what I have to say about that: The Future is Gay, duh! 

While not every race led to a victory this year, we're still very happy to see the tide shift towards LGBT people and other marginalized groups -- as the world becomes more inclusive, well, the better it will be for everyone. 

There's a long way to go, but a lot of milestones were set this year. The first openly gay man was elected governor in Colorado, and there were LGBT women, trans people, and LGBT people of color that were successful this year as well.

While Trump and his administration may spew hate and challenge our rights at every turn, we think that there is hope on the horizon for the progressives out there. 

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We created The Future is Gay to create an inclusive space that is safe for anyone in our community, and our allies. While this is not a political goal in itself, we do have an interest in making our voices heard, and often times that means in the political sphere. While ultimately we promote LGBT identity and clothing, we still think it's important to take a stand. 

So, sorry to the Trump fans we pissed off, but you have to understand why your ideology is harmful to our cause on the whole.

Also -- you do know we make MAGA shirts to troll you, right?

We get so much positive feedback about people that get compliments on their awesome Make America Gay Again shirts!

So yeah, we're not stopping.

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