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Just a Quick Hello!

 Welcome, LGBTQ+ Friends!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce The Future Is Gay to all the humans coming to visit our non-binary, all-inclusive web store. At TFIG, we strive to cater to lovers of all walks of life, not just the heteronormative crowd. 

So far, we've had a blast getting to know our fans, and our hecklers. I can easily say I love talking to the former group more, but we all know that there are always people who can't accept the truth of who we are, and how we love. But! There is a silver lining. IT IS GETTING BETTER!


Because there's one simple truth that all the haters can't stand. A truth that led us to create this brand in the first place. It's simple, and it goes like this:


If you can't accept it, well, we're not going to stop being who we are on account of some angry people! Let's not dwell on these folks right now, there will be plenty of time for us to share our silly interactions with them later (I think that will be a series on this blog: salty homophobes. What do ya think?).

Anyway, we're here for our gay, lesbian, trans, and non binary friends, and we aren't going anywhere. Leave us a comment if you want to talk, and thanks for stopping by!


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